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Meet Redshift Productions

Max Evjen: Artistic and Executive Director

Max is a native of California who received a B.F.A. in Performing Arts from Adelphi University. He has appeared with the original cast of Wit at the Union Square Theatre and as Thomas Jefferson in Trail of Tears at Theatre for the New City. Max has been performing with the Chekhov Theatre Ensemble since 2005, and has appeared in Between Worlds and The Trojan Women. He has been playing and writing music for twelve years, performing in New York City clubs with several bands including Terra Incognita, Deni Bonet, and One Trick Llama. In 2000 Max wrote, produced, and performed in Redshift Production’s Elements at HERE Arts Center for the American Living Room Series and in 2003 he wrote, produced and performed in Galileo: The Emotional Life of a Spacecraft. In 2005 Max produced and directed Happy Hour at the Event Horizon. As a teaching artist, Max spends his days teaching New York City public school children acting and movement through core curriculum with Stages of Learning.

Megan Halpern: Artistic and Producing Director

Megan is the Co-founder of Redshift Productions and the Co-producer and lyricist for Galileo and Elements. Megan received her B.A. in painting from Smith College in 1997. She has designed and painted scenery for many Off- and Off-Off Broadway productions. Megan has been a scenic artist for Madison Square Garden, Second Stage Theatre, the New York Shakespeare Festival, and Atlantic Scenic Studios. She has designed scenery for Stages of Learning (formerly Chekhov Theatre Ensemble), where her design for King Lear earned her an OOBR Award; and for Forbidden Broadway’s Twentieth Anniversary Production. In 2003, Megan became the Production Manager of the Chekhov Theatre Ensemble for Stages of Learning. In 2005, Megan became the Artistic Director of the Chekhov Theatre Ensemble. As the Artistic Director, Megan has produced Between Worlds, The Trojan Women and Laberintos/Labyrinths. In addition, she is the Director of Programs for Stages of Learning.

Jupiter: Redshift Mascot/Professor of Physics

Though never officially hired, Jupiter joined Redshift Productions shortly after his birth. He spends much of his time teaching Newtonian physics to his fellow dogs at the park. His specialty is levers, and he is often seen finding fulcrum points on large sticks and branches. His name is derived from a prominent spot on his side (which later blended in with the rest of his markings) reminiscent of a giant storm on the planet Jupiter that has been brewing for at least 400 years. Jupiter would like to dispel the rumors that his name was given based on the fact that the planet Jupiter is also known as “King of the Gas Giants.” Jupiter hopes someday to appear in one of Redshift Productions’ shows, and will persevere despite the many times he has been “typed out” of a role. Read Jupiter's explaination of the redshift!