How to Write a Dissertation Appendix on Biodiversity

When writing any research paper in graduate school, including a biodiversity paper, one of the essential components of the dissertation is the appendix section. The dissertation appendix provides additional information to the key thesis and it always appears after the bibliography/references. The paper and appendix should be uploaded as a single file and not separately. Here are some basic rules of crafting and structuring your thesis appendix on biodiversity.

Materials that Should Be Included

There are certain materials that often have to be included in the appendix page of any graduate-level project. Some of the examples of the materials that are included in the appendix section include:

  • The interview questions
  • Supplemental tables, graphs, images, and figures
  • Questionnaires/surveys
  • Participant letters or forms and authorization forms

Supplemental Materials

In some cases, you have to include other supplemental material in the appendices. In many cases, these materials cannot be included within the main document. They include things like audio files, large data files, videos, and high resolution images like those generated through geospatial mapping software and satellite images.

The Order of the Appendices

One rule that is often ignored by students who lack any experience in preparing a thesis appendix is how to arrange the appendices. There are certain rules that govern how you are supposed to present or order the appendices you have included in your research project. As a cardinal rule, the appendices should always be arranged in the order in which you have introduced them within the main text of the paper.

Appendix Headings

In many cases, you will either include a single appendix or several appendices when writing a graduate-level paper. In case you have several appendices, you are supposed to letter each one of them accordingly. For instance, if you have more than one appendix, they should be labelled as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so forth. The appendix headings must be written in the same manner as the chapter headings within the document text.

Formatting Style

In case you have used content that you got from other documents that you would prefer to include as appendices, you have two options. First, you can transfer the data or text and reformat it using the necessary template styles. Alternatively, you can convert the files into images and insert them in the document one after the other.

In summary, the basic rules to writing a thesis appendix on biodiversity are somewhat similar to the ones that govern other disciplines. If you want to see a dissertation appendix example to gain a better understanding of what is required; check it out on this site.