Things You Need to Know about the Dissertation Bibliography Structure

As you finish with your dissertation, at the end there is a list of books, references, places etc. that you referred to while writing it. The bibliography is general the reference place of your work. From where you find the facts, data, content, structure for the dissertation, it's all included in the list of references that all comes under the bibliography. Now, there is a certain structure that is variable according to the college, high school or the tutor may be. It is generally your teacher who tells you the format of the structure that you need to follow while writing. Dissertation bibliography structure has a certain pre-builds format that too is changeable. There are various styles and ways of writing it. If you are looking for a good dissertation bibliography style then do follow this article, it will help you out to the write the list in a good structured way.

Structure Reference

There are various structure references that you need to follow while writing dissertation bibliography structure. There lie no specific versions of the system that you need to follow while writing the dissertation bibliography citation. Each and every university have their own kind of version of the various systems but the reference system for almost all is the Harvard system. According to the system generally, all kinds of academic writing requires to add the list of material used at the end and they follow different conventions for writing it. The structure you need to follow will basically depend on your university and the teacher. So, don’t forget to consult the person concerned before starting it.

Formatting Techniques

The main purpose of adding a bibliography at the end of the work is to make the readers aware of the sources you used in your work or to add information that can help the reader of find the source. The bibliography structure of dissertation generally consists of the name of the book, authors name, date of publishing and the page number that you referred to the work. These are the points to include when adding a book in the reference list but in a case of the reference is a newspaper. You need to include the Name of it, date and the page and the column you used in the writing the paper. The general formatting technique includes:

  • Initial - Name – Surname (of the author)
  • Date of publish
  • Name of the book, magazine or newspaper
  • Volume number
  • Chapter name and the page number

These are particular points that you need to include in your reference page as the format.