Creating High Quality Dissertation Topics about Flooding

One of the most common yet devastating natural disasters across the world is flooding. This makes flooding a good topic for research especially if you are a human geography. Although coming up with dissertation titles sounds like a straightforward thing, it is not that easy for many first timers. Here are some practical tips on how to come up with great human geography dissertation titles.

Think Local

In most cases, you can look at human geography on a large scale or a small scale. You have to remember that if you attempt to look at it from a large scale perspective or try to examine widespread topics, then it can be hard to come up with something interesting or unique. Instead of looking at flooding on a global scale, sometimes it is better to start from your local area, county, city or state. Try to take a look at the things that are around you. Not only does this help to stimulate ideas, but it can be useful later on when writing the project, especially when gathering evidence or collecting data.

Conduct Interviews

In case you have a certain theme that you want to write about, conducting surveys and interviews loosely based on the theme you have in mind can be a great way of coming up with good titles for your human geography paper. This also helps to pinpoint a particular idea for your project. Besides helping to stimulate some ideas for the title, you may be in a better position to establish whether the evidence you will gather will help to come up with a concrete conclusion. You can start by interviewing the staff at your nearest weather monitoring station. You can also consult any physical geography scholars or experts that reside or work within your local area. Consulting these people will help you to gauge whether the topic ideas that you have will produce any interesting or inspiring results.

Be Realistic

The other point you should remember, which is somewhat connected with the idea of thinking locally, is that you should be realistic too. For instance, as much as it may sound appealing to write on a topic about human geography or flooding on a large scale, you will be surprised to find out that collecting the data that is needed when it comes to doing graduate-level research is not as easy as some people may want to imagine. Basically, you need to make sure that whatever ideas that you have in mind can be realistically used to write an outstanding paper.

In summary, coming up with top-notch titlesabout flooding or any other topic in human geography boils down to three things. First, you need to narrow down your scope so that you can study local events in your area, city or state. Secondly, you need to conduct some preliminary survey and interview a couple of qualified people on whatever ideas that you may have in mind concerning the topic of study. Lastly, you must be realistic in what you intend to study in the sense that if one reads your dissertation title page, he/she is able to clearly understand what you set out to do in the study.