Tips on How to Complete a Doctoral Dissertation on Time

Even if you like writing and are interested in the topic of your doctoral dissertation, you may face definite problems completing it on time, or you may just get bored. That is why you should consider the following tips to get your work done and to avoid stress.

Steps to Write Your Dissertation on Time

  1. Write sooner and continually.
  2. Don’t wait to finish the entire research work. You need to begin writing as soon as you begin your research work. Also, plan to spend a few hours on your paper each day.

  3. Begin with a draft.
  4. Don’t focus on perfection, you just need to get your thoughts and results of your work on paper. You will make necessary corrections afterwards.

  5. Create a thesis.
  6. This is an essential step to determine the main idea of your work expressed in the thesis and create a methodology. It’ll be easier to write your paper when you stay focused on the central topic.

  7. Change activities.
  8. This can be applied to moving to another section when you get stuck. It’s also necessary to take some breaks, as your mind needs rest. But you don’t need to stop as soon as you face some problems in writing. You may need extra research, some structural changes, or just a little persistence.

  9. Take notes carefully.
  10. This will save you time, as you will not need to revise each note and look through your notes on resources again. Also, by using direct quotes you will avoid plagiarism.

  11. Write the body at first.
  12. It’s a common problem to get stuck on introductions. So, focus on creating the body part first, and only then return to its title.

  13. Discuss your ideas with friends.
  14. You should not hide your research from others. Instead, you will be able to stimulate your thinking process by discussing the subject with friends and relatives. It can help to come up with new ideas and find new solutions.

  15. Set deadlines.
  16. Setting realistic deadlines will lead you to a completed project and will help to allocate your time for all the necessary parts of your research work.

Your Way to the Result

A dissertation requires high level writing skills and knowledge. You need to do your best to present a perfect paper, but you still should remember that this is not your magnum opus. So, focus on the work and don’t frustrate yourself with the impossible desire to reach perfection.