Useful Advice on Dissertation Proposal Writing

Any experienced scholar will tell you that when it comes to writing a dissertation proposal, how to write a solid paper that is relevant in the field of study is the most pertinent question. There are several issues you need to keep in mind before you can set out to study a topic like acid rain. When writing such assignment, you mustunderstand your basic objectives in the study. You must also have a clear understanding of what is expected in the paper and why you have to write it.

What is the Main Objective of the Paper?

Your assignment must be able to clearly express the main point of the task. Your dissertation proposal problem statementshould show that the research you are planning to do is worth doing. It is important to clearly understand the dissertation proposal rationale for any topic that you choose to investigate on acid rain. This means that there is a solid academic rationale for the task. For instance, the project must clearly explain why you chose to research a particular topic on acid rain (e.g. effects on a certain species in an ecosystem) and why the issue is of interest.

Is it Feasible and Properly Designed?

A good project proposal must show that it is feasible and that you are capable of undertaking it with the skills and resources that are currently at your disposal or you can reasonably expect to get. Furthermore, it should be properly designed, such that it has a proper methodology, and a suitable theoretical or analytical framework.

Why do You Have to Do It?

When writing such an assignment, you must understand why you have to write it. In a broad sense, your college/university requires you to undertake such a task in order to establish whether what you are proposing (in order to be awarded a go-ahead to do) is likely to set out a research study that meets the set standards in professional academia.

In summary, if you want to do a study on acid rain, it is important to understand the basic objectives of what you want to set out to study. You also need to clearly understand what expected of the study is and why you have to do it.